Rise above the pettiness

Your time, energy, awareness and attention are precious and powerful. Spend them on the things that matter.
Don’t let yourself get all riled up about life’s minor inconveniences and interruptions. Quickly let them go and free yourself to focus on what’s really important.

Was someone rude or inconsiderate to you? Let it be that other person’s problem, and forget about it.
Did something not work out the way you wanted? Instead of building it up into a major life tragedy, accept the disappointment and get it quickly behind you. Website Designers

Spend your time, thoughts and actions where they matter. Spend them on those things in your life that matter.
Step back and observe yourself as you let go of the trivial stuff and become a master of the important things. Enjoy yourself as you rise above the pettiness and bring your own special greatness to life. Anti Rust Oil
— Ralph Marston


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