Being human as a human being

Being human as a human being

A human being lives in love by the love and the truth within the inner most core. He is a perceiver, receiving all energies attracted from the outside of his spiritual/material being. He presents himself as a perceiver, where perceiving is female and the presentation of perceiving is male. High Temperature Grease

Never mind of being human inside a material male or female body.

This attraction is possible, because there is an inner empty space, as a vacuum, which is not empty and moreover is full with an impact of attraction. Inside any atom of the material body such a space is present.

These energies taken inside now are validated as love energy or as emotional pain energy. Anti Rust Oil

By his spiritual awareness and spiritual consciousness, he is able to collect love energy inside for evolving in love and love mass.

The felt and by this accepted pains inside the body, he is able to transform this pain energy into love energy, which now evolves to love mass. His spiritual immune system allows it. Metal Stamping Drawing Oil

The heart of this spiritual immune system is the thymine and its gland by a presence of being human. The heart of the psychic immune system is the material heart, related with behaviour patterns.

SS Wire drawing Oil

The spirit of a human being feels, thinks and senses for comprehending, creating consciousness. This trinity is present inside a human being, using the material big brain, the middle brain and the small brain.

The big brain is aligned with the psychic immune system, where observing and sensing happen. Engine Oils

The small brain is aligned with the body and therefore the body mind.

The middle brain is aligned with the inner most core of being love and living in love. Here all base on feeling, where by feeling consciousness creates itself.

When there is no awareness for using the middle brain, being human is still a secret and unconscious, where the human being now react as a person being or a personality being. Transformer Oils


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